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Thanksgiving Break

As Thanksgiving break comes to a close, we at Fritz's lab hope that everyone has enjoyed their holiday!

Speaking of ends, the semester is rapidly approaching its own but we are still as busy as always!

Back in August, Professor Breithaupt published an article for his "Ask Fritz!" advice column in ZEIT Campus, a German magazine. In his column, Breithaupt addresses the common fears American students have when studying abroad in Germany. To read the article, go to:

More recently, on November 14th, Breithaupt gave a brief presentation to the IU Student Organization of Cognitive Science about empathy and narrative retelling. On November 16th, he presented his paper on fairy tales for the Center of Eighteenth Century Studies.

In other news, the lab has been grant hunting (a favorite pastime) and has been making great progress on the many on going research projects.

Last but not least, a short documentary filmed during the 2017 SLASeu Conference on "Empathies" at the University of Basel in Switzerland has just been released, featuring several experts and scholars on the subject, including the one and only Professor Breithaupt.

(Professor Breithaupt makes his appearance at the 9:13 minute mark)

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