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Cognitive Bias and Empathy in the News

Fall has hit Bloomington with weekend rain and finally a few colored leaves, which we're taking as indicators to continue working on projects regarding empathy, affect studies, and side-taking. Results forthcoming.

Professor Breithaupt shared a beautiful visualization of all cognitive biases with this week, which can be found for your viewing enjoyment here:

In addition to our current projects, this past week we discussed a paper Beithaupt presented last year--“Narratives of Vulnerability: The Case of Fairy Tales”, presented at Neurohumanities conference, (Kent, OH, November 2016).

We are still playing catch-up on our blog from the many Professor Breithaupt's many appearances in the news from his more recent research and publications so here's a couple updates from the spring:

In April, Deutsche Welle produced a short video regarding Breithaupt's views on President Trump's first 100 days in office, based on the claims about empathy Breithaupt made in The Dark Sides of Empathy (published in German as February 2017 as Die Dunklen Seiten der Empathie and coming spring 2018 in English).

With the recent surprised from the German national election, especially with the rise of the nationalistic AfD party, Breithaupt's May 2017 article "Zu Viel Mitgefühl ist gefährlich" ("Too Much Empathy is Dangerous") in Der Sonntag is still pertinent. Unfortunately this article is only in German, but still a great follow-up to his most recent book publication.

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