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The German Election, Empathy in Robots, Australian Panels, and the Prague Conference

It has been a month since school has resumed and the lab is buzzing with work!

On August 7th, Professor Breithaupt co-authored an article on the subject of empathy in artificial intelligence:

On August 9th, he published a piece about the most recent German election:

In mid-September, Professor Breithaupt spent a week in Australia where he participated in a series of panel discussions hosted by the Goethe Institut. The overarching topic for the discussions was "Responsibility and Humanity: Culture, Nature and Terror."

While there, he additionally studied the culture and the distinct form of narrative retelling of the aboriginal people.

Finally, lab members Tobias Hermans and Elizabeth Ryba participated in the 5th annual European Narratology Network Conference in Prague from September 13th to the 15th. Tobias presented his work on clickbait while Elizabeth's research was about narrative retellling and figuration in the 19th-century novel.

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